Josh Makin

Avenue Physio


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Josh Makin

BA Bio, MPT, Dry Needling Certified (MClSc, FCAMPT candidate)

Patient treating hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 12:00 – 6:30

Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 – 1:30

Masters in Physical Therapy (University of Dublin)
Bachelor of Biomedical  (Keuka College)


Certified in Dry Needling
Spinal Manipulation


Josh has experience working with all types of orthopedic musculoskeletal injuries. He enjoys getting to know his patients and collaborating with them to help achieve their goals. Josh completed his Master’s degree in physiotherapy in Ireland, and completed his Master’s in Clinical Science at Western University, which earned him his Manual and Manipulative Therapy (FCAMPT) designation. He has appreciated the opportunity to apply evidence-informed approaches and therapies to clinical problems. He utilizes a variety of treatment options, including manual therapy, spinal manipulation, and dry needling to help re-establish mobility, and then uses muscle training and neuromuscular control exercises to help correct irregular movement. In his free time, Josh enjoys spending time hiking, biking, snowboarding, camping, and being outside as much as possible.

Why did you become a Physiotherapist?

I tore my ACL when I was 17 years old and worked through my rehabilitation with my physiotherapist to return to playing competitive volleyball. This experience was eye opening to how much physiotherapy can change a person’s life and inspired me to pursue this ever rewarding career in which I get to help others achieve their goals.

Do you have an area of special interest?

I have a particular interest in spinal, knee, and hip dysfunctions, as well as any sport related injuries. Through my training, both in graduate school and afterwards, I have gained an appreciation for ongoing learning and the importance of keeping up with the latest information coming out in regard to all musculoskeletal injuries.

How does movement impact your life?

Movement has always impacted my life through sports, and continues to be a large part of my day-to-day activity. I truly believe that keeping up with physical activity and making it a part of my lifestyle has allowed me to enjoy anything I want to do. I can often be found walking around my neighborhood as well as biking around Calgary to keep up with my physical fitness and in turn help those who also want to keep moving.

What does a great Physiotherapy experience look like to you?

A great physiotherapy experience starts with collaboration and communication. It is important to take the time to actively listen to a patient’s concerns, motivations, and goals for their rehabilitation, incorporating those notions in every step of their treatment. A physiotherapist should be supportive, empathetic, and tenacious in determining a diagnosis and creating an individualized management plan that encourages the patient to be excited about taking steps towards recovery.