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Pre-natal massage is a type of massage specifically designed during pregnancy. Our massage therapists are experienced with the treatment and skills required for the specific needs of expectant moms.

Pregnancy-induced hormonal and physiologic changes increase the risk of musculoskeletal problems in pregnancy. Pain is most often felt in the third trimester and most frequently reported in the following areas:

  • Low back 
  • Mid back 
  • Hand/wrist 
  • Hip 
  • Neck/headaches


While every pregnancy is unique, the report of pain and discomfort and sleep disruption is common.

Pain Relief

There are many changes to the musculoskeletal system that happen during pregnancy that can contribute to pain. 

  • Hormonal changes: (relaxin) increases laxity of the ligaments 
  • As the baby grows increased lordosis (curve of the spine) 
  • Increased weight gain 
  • Stretched out abdominal muscles
  • Circulatory changes

Massage therapy can significantly reduce pregnancy discomforts like backache, headache, joint pain and muscle cramps. 

Improve Sleep

Difficulty sleeping is common during all stages of pregnancy. Physical discomfort, stress and anxiety and hormonal changes all play a role. Massage may help improve sleep quality and insomnia during pregnancy

Decrease swelling 

Some swelling is normal during pregnancy. This fluid retention is more pronounced in the legs, ankles and feet due to venous congestion and your expanding uterus. Research shows that foot massage was found to have a positive effect on decreasing normal physiological lower leg edema in late pregnancy.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction 

Pre-natal massage can enhance your overall well-being.      

Studies show women who receive prenatal massages benefit from:

  • decreases in stress hormone levels
  • improved immune function
  • decreased anxiety and depression

During the first trimester of pregnancy there is a higher chance of miscarriages. There is no research linking massage to miscarriage so if you don’t have any underlying health issues massage is safe during the first trimester.

If you are considered a high-risk pregnancy and have pregnancy-related issues such as pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, bleeding or gestational diabetes it is important to discuss with your doctor if they recommend avoiding massage therapy during your first trimester

It is perfectly safe for you to have massage up to your due date (and after delivery). Pre-natal massage therapy will address your varying needs through the trimesters through different techniques. Our massage therapists will address your specific needs whether you have back pain, hip pain or just need a soothing, relaxing massage.

Yes, we use special prenatal pillows and bolters to ensure your greatest comfort. Your massage therapist will work with you at all stages of your pregnancy to find a position that is comfortable, safe and relaxing so there is no pressure on your abdomen or uterus that can compress the major blood vessel (inferior vena cava).

Whether it is side lying or stomach laying on our special pillows, your massage therapist will find a comfortable position for you to relax and enjoy your massage.

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