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Rick Hofmann

Rick Hofmann


Patient treating hours:
Monday: 10;00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

2450 Hrs RMT Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy (CCMH ) (2011)
Bowen Therapy Diploma  (Bowtech Canada) (2009)
Massage Therapy (Calgary College of Hollistic Health & Clinics) University of Calgary


  • Certification in Massage Therapy: Swedish Relaxation Massage (2006)
  • Certification in Advanced Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries of Lumbar Spine / SI / Hip (2014)
  • Certification in Advanced Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries of Lower Extremities (2014)
  • Certification in Fascial Decompression (2015)
  • Certification in Holistic Nutrition for Musculoskeletal Conditions (2018)
  • Certification in Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage (2018)
  • Certification in Mindful Meditation Massage (2018)
  • Certification in Kinetic Massage of, Neck / Shoulders / Hips (2019)
  • Certification in First Aid (2019)

Rick has always had an interest in body health and activity, As an athlete or in study, understanding the human condition regarding body movement (Form and Function), resultant injury from repetitive strain, chronic pain, behavioral stress, concluded in Rick’s becoming a clinical therapist. Understanding and treating numerous conditions, working within a collaborative work environment with a professional physiotherapeutic group, completes an orthopaedic massage treatment. Rick continues to study massage technique, therapy, and clinical reasoning through certification programs.

How many years have you been a Massage Therapist?
I have been a massage therapist since 2006. Through various studies, courses, clinical opportunities, I have been able to treat a variety of clinical and therapeutic conditions.

Why did you become a Massage Therapist?
I began Massage Therapy as a Swedish Relaxation Massage Therapist. I began to study Massage Therapy due in part to being around Physical Therapists that were treating professional athletes’ injuries. My previous occupation had me writing and producing stories on rehabilitation, strength conditioning and recuperation from sports injury. Interviewing these therapists and understanding the necessity for Physiotherapy and other physical therapies such as Massage Therapy heightened my interest and eventually become a therapist myself.

Do you have an area of special interest? 
Working with a patient in understanding the mode of injury that brought them into me for treatment. Understanding form and function of the human body, discussing the movement of an athletic move or a given movement within an activity. A treatment plan then follows to bring back those activities of daily living with guidance and treatment supported by massage therapy and all that it can offer.

How does movement impact your life?
As a massage therapist, movement is a necessity. It’s obvious. Outside of massage, activity allows me to continue as a therapist. All sports, specifically soccer, tennis, running and weight resisted weight training for power and strength allow my body to continue as a therapist.

What does a great Massage Therapist look like to you?
I was fortunate to have a great mentor. He told me massage therapy was not about me or how great of a therapist I may be. John was a great massage therapist although he didn’t care to hear it. His patients loved him. He was a clinical therapist that listened to his patient’s wants and needs. He treated them the way he would have wanted to be treated. When I began massage therapy John told me, “If you want to be a good therapist, you need to get your 2200 hour designation. That’s where massage therapy is headed to. It’s important and it will give you and get you respect” That was twelve years ago…  John would never know that I received my 2200 hour designation. He was only thirty-four years of age when he passed away from an aggressive stomach cancer three months after a diagnosis following an internal bleed from a hit he endured playing hockey. No one could believe it. At his service which was standing room only, most of the people there were his patients. I spoke to many of the five hundred plus of them to hear about him, how great he was, how gentle of a giant he was when he treated them. How dearly loved he was. As I was leaving the service room, there was a table set up with some of John’s most prized possessions and accomplishments. And wouldn’t you know, above them all matted and framed was his 2200 hour designation. I always think of him. It was he who enabled me to understand the important role that Massage Therapy can play in rehabilitative health. That’s what a great massage therapist looks like to me.